The IndiTreat Project

The Inditreat Project has a total budget of 21 MDKK of which 16,4 MDKK are support from the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

The project will run for 4½ years and started on 1 January 2011.



Niels Bent Larsen
DTU Nanotech
+45 45 25 81 61

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The IndiTreat project aims at improving chemotherapeutic treatment of patients suffering from colorectal cancer. This is done through development and clinical validation of a new analysis method that can identify the best possible treatment for each patient.

The project is a collaboration between nanotechnologists, cell biologists, and medical doctors. The partners are DTU Nanotech (heading the project), Aarhus University, 2cureX, Bispebjerg Hospital, Rigshospitalet, and University of Colorado Cancer Center. 

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